The Proposal of Sweden’s Sex Championship Turned Down; Here’s What Happened

Several media reports claim that Sweden has become the first nation to declare sex an official sport as it is set to host a ‘six-week sex championship’. However, local newspapers said that while such a competition was proposed, the idea is turned down.
The Proposal of Sweden’s Sex Championship Turned Down; Here’s What Happened

Let’s talk about the sex championship. The one which was supposed to kick off in Sweden on 8 June. Several media outlets published the information with headlines like “Sweden becomes the first nation to make sex an official sport” and “Sweden to hold six-week long sex championship”.

The reports claimed that the nation would host Europe’s first-ever sex championship starting 8 June. And as exciting as that sounds, but what happened now?

The proposal for competitive sex 

The sex championship is not simply a figment of imagination. There was a proposal to hold an event for competitive sex.

The idea came from the owner of the Swedish Sex Federation, which according to its website trains and awards people who “compete in sex”. Dragan Bratic, the man who formed his body, wants sex to be classified as a sport. The owner of several strip clubs in the country’s Jönköping area, Bractic applied to enrol the association as a member of the country’s National Sports Confederation in January.

Mr Bractic runs several strip clubs in Sweden and hoped to classify sex as a sport.

Bratic wants people to train in sex. He called for a championship to be held, highlighting the physical and mental impact of sex on human beings, reports NDTV quoting the Swedish publication Goterborgs-Posten.

“We are registered, have an organisation number and it’s perfectly okay to train and compete in sex, then it’s a sport like any other,” Bratic told another media outlet P4 Jönköping.

However, the National Sports Confederation rejected the application as it was not complete. Björn Eriksson, who was then the chief of the sports body, was clear that sex was not part of the business. “It [The application] doesn’t meet our requirements and I can inform you that this application has been rejected. We have other things to do,” said Eriksson.

What would the championship look like 

However, several publications continue to report on the championship, saying that it would be held in the city of Gothenburg from Thursday.

The Swedish Sex Federation had proposed sexual activities under six disciplines that include seduction, body massages, foreplay, oral sex, and endurance, among others. Couples would also be judged on creativity during sex, artistic communication, and sexual positions. The heart rate and blood pressure of contenders would also be monitored.

Each match would last for 45 to 60 minutes and there would be six-hour sessions each day. The competition would encourage people with different sexual orientations to participate.

“The incorporation of sexual orientation as a part of sporting tactics will be a ground-breaking development among European countries,” Bractic reportedly said.

A panel of judges would decide the winners based on several factors like the chemistry between the couple and knowledge about sex. However, the audience is also allowed to vote.

Unattributed tweets on social media claimed that those with knowledge of Kamasutra would get extra points. Some reports claimed that 20 people from different countries would participate in the competition.

A report in the British tabloid The Sun claims that adult actress Barbie Sins, 31, from London, is set to represent Britain in the international sexathon. She will be up against 19 other participants from Romania, Greece, Finland, Spain, Croatia, Portugal, Italy, France, Slovenia and Ukraine.

However, there has been no confirmation from Swedish authorities.

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