Swiggy Sold 2423 Durex Condom Packets on IPL 2023 Final

Swiggy's cheeky tweet after selling 2423 Durex condom packets on the night of IPL 2023 final had people in splits.
Swiggy Sold 2423 Durex Condom Packets on IPL 2023 Final

All eyes were glued to the Narendra Modi Stadium last night as Chennai Super Kings beat Gujarat Titans and take home IPL trophy for the fifth time. However, Mother Nature had her own plans, as intermittent rain showers repeatedly interrupted the game, leaving everyone on edge. Amidst the extended breaks, people turned to social media to express their excitement and share their thoughts through creative posts and entertaining memes. The online platforms buzzed with conversations, keeping fans engaged and connected during the unforeseen delays.

In the midst of the captivating cricket saga, Swiggy, the renowned food delivery platform, seized the opportunity to exhibit its wit and charm, just as it had done throughout the Indian Premier League (IPL) season. Unsurprisingly, Swiggy lived up to its reputation once again. Taking to Twitter during the IPL 2023 final night on Monday, Swiggy shared a rather unconventional and funny statistic related to its instant delivery app, Swiggy Instamart. In a tweet that read, “2423 condoms have been delivered via @SwiggyInstamart so far, looks like there are more than 22 players playing tonight @DurexIndia."

Soon after the tweet, people on Twitter began expressing their reactions and opinions. One user enthusiastically commented, “This is the real level of Swiggy!" accompanied by a thumbs up emoticon. Another Twitter user added a touch of humor, jokingly stating, “Singles crying in the corner after looking at the stats." A third user joined in with a witty remark, saying, “No matter how many players play, at least they are playing safe."

The cheeky tweet garnered over 820K views. Meanwhile, the IPL finals were an emotional and breathtaking match. As Chennai won the cup, fans as well as the team's players were equally overwhelmed.

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