Sweden Declares SEX As A Sport, Championship In June

The Swedish Sex Federation has declared that the championship in slated to start from June 8
for representational purpose only
for representational purpose only

Sweden has declared sex as a sport and the first-ever sex competition is scheduled to take place early next week. On  June 8th, the highly anticipated European Sex Championship, which will be happening under the guidance of the Swedish Sex Federation, will be held.

The participants taking part in this competition will have to engage in sex sessions that will stretch up to six hours on a daily basis. One solo match will at least go on for a good 40-45 minutes. The participants will have to compete in a variety of categories including, foreplay, oral sex, penetration, knowledge of the erogenous zones and so on.

A judges panel has been set to decide the winners of the competition but there is a twist in the game, the audience present at these matches will also have a say on the decision. Judges and the audience will be taking into consideration factors such as good communication skills between a couple, their endurance level, the chemistry that they share and their knowledge about sex.

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for representational purpose only

Participants should be well versed with the Kamasutra and all the rules and sexual artistry that it speaks about. If these participants are able to demonstrate the rules and regulations of Kamasutra in their sexual act that they will have to put on display then the more points they will get.

For those who are not aware, Kamasutra is a Sanskrit scripture that sheds light on topics such as sexuality and eroticism. It is imperative that the participants in the Swedish sex competition are able to showcase their know-how and knowledge of sex.

Netizens have shared mixed reactions about this competition, while some are of the opinion that this is indeed an act of inclusivity others believe that is a tad much and could have been well avoided. What do you think?

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