Woman walks through London streets wearing bridal 'lehenga', gets trolled

A Spanish-Indian model got trolled after a video of her walking through the streets of London in a red bridal 'lehenga' went viral.
Woman walks through London streets wearing bridal 'lehenga', gets trolled
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A video featuring a woman walking through the streets of London in a vibrant red bridal 'lehenga' has gone viral on social media. Shraddha, a Spanish-Indian model, posted the video on Instagram in which she was dressed as a bride, adorned with heavy jewellery.

However, Shraddha was trolled by several sections of the internet for her "bold stunt" that has garnered over 44 million views on Instagram.

In the video, Shraddha is initially seen taking a ride on a metro, dressed in a golden embroidered red 'lehenga' with heavy jewellery. As she entered the metro, commuters were astonished.

One of them complimented her, saying "gorgeous," while others gazed at her with curiosity. Upon reaching her destination, she strolled through the streets of London, where onlookers seemed fascinated by her appearance. The video also showed several people taking pictures of her.

Since being posted online, the video garnered millions of views. Several people were amazed by her appearance, while others had different opinions.

"Beautiful look, she slayed," a user praised her. "You are amazing," another user said. "An inspiration to all," another comment read.

However, several social media users slammed her for her "attention-seeking" behaviour.

"Embarrassing. Who actually wears a wedding 'lehenga' and goes to the streets or metro stations like that? People don't even do that in India. Attention-seeking behaviour in the name of 'cultural appreciation' to get some likes and followers," another user said.

Another section of social media loved the fact that she was comfortable in her skin and appreciated her for embracing her cultural identity.

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Woman walks through London streets wearing bridal 'lehenga', gets trolled

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Shraddha is a Spanish-Indian model and has over 1.6 lakh followers on Instagram. As per her bio, she is also a digital marketer and viral media expert.

Source: India Today

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