Watch: Neuralink's first patient controls computer, plays chess just by thinking

Noland Arbaugh, the first Neuralink patient, paralysed below the shoulder, has been able to play chess using the brain-chip device, showcasing his control over the cursor with his thoughts.
Watch: Neuralink's first patient controls computer, plays chess just by thinking
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Elon Musk's brain-chip startup Neuralink on Thursday showed its first patient being able to play online chess and video games just by his thoughts, using the Neuralink device. A video widely shared on the internet also showed the patient implanted with a chip.

In the video, the patient introduced himself as 29-year-old Noland Arbaugh, who was paralysed below the shoulder after a diving accident.

He could be seen playing chess on his laptop and moving the cursor using the Neuralink device.

"If you all can see the cursor moving around the screen, that's all me," he said during the livestream as he moved a digital chess piece.

The video also showed Arbaugh describing the process of using the brain-computer interface.

Arbaugh also says he feels lucky to be part of the Neuralink study.


In February this year, the startup's founder Musk said the first human patient implanted with a brain chip from Neuralink appears to have fully recovered and was able to control a computer mouse using their thoughts.

"The patient is able to move a mouse around the screen by just thinking," Musk said in a Spaces event on social media platform X.

Source: India Today

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