US reacts to PM Modi's 'ghar me ghus kar' remark on terrorism

The US urged India and Pakistan to seek resolution through dialogue, also emphasising the country's non-interference stance on allegations of cross-border killings.
US reacts to PM Modi's 'ghar me ghus kar' remark on terrorism
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The United States Department of State spokesperson Matthew Miller, commenting on allegations regarding India's anti-terror operations on Pakistani soil, stated that India and Pakistan should seek resolution through dialogue, while reiterating the country's non-interference stance.

“So as I have said before, the United States is not going to get in the – into the middle of this, but we do encourage both India and Pakistan to avoid escalation and find a resolution through dialogue,” State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller said when asked about Prime Minister Narendra Modi's recent statement that “India will not hesitate to cross borders to kill terrorists”.

A report by the British newspaper The Guardian on April 5 alleged that India carried out multiple targeted assassinations in Pakistan. The central government has rejected the claims as "false and malicious anti-India propaganda".

The US had earlier said that they won't intervene in the India-Pakistan dispute over assassination allegations.

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US reacts to PM Modi's 'ghar me ghus kar' remark on terrorism

Days after the report, addressing a public rally in Uttarakhand's Rishikesh, PM Modi said "Today, there is a strong government in the country. Under this mazboot Modi sarkar, atankwaadiyon ko ghar mein ghus ke mara jata hai (Under the strong Modi government, terrorists are being killed by entering their homes)."

Source: India Today

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