US denies Iran gave heads-up before strike as Israel weighs hitting back

Israeli forces have proposed a range of response options to Iran's drone and missile attack, from strikes to refraining from immediate action. Meanwhile, a senior US official refuted Iran's claim that it gave 72 hours' notice before the aerial strike.
US denies Iran gave heads-up before strike as Israel weighs hitting back
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The Middle East is on the brink of a devastating full-scale conflict as Iran and Israel engage in a dangerous game of retaliation. On Saturday, April 13, Iran launched a massive drone and missile attack on Israel, following an Israeli strike on its embassy compound in Syria.

Here are the latest developments:

Israeli military spokesperson Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari said that Israel remains on high alert following the attack. Operational plans for offensive and defensive actions have been approved.

Meanwhile, at the United Nations, Iran's actions were received with condemnation and stern reproach. US Ambassador Robert A Wood warned Tehran of repercussions if it further targets Israel or the US in a UN Security Council meeting on Sunday. The UK's representative, Barbara Woodward, echoed the US envoy in condemning the Iranian attack, stating that it also endangered Jordan and Iraq.

Therefore, Tehran "had no choice" but to respond, he said, adding that his country does "not seek escalation or war," but will respond to any "threat or aggression."

United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres urged all parties to exercise maximum restraint, warning against the escalation of conflict in the Middle East.

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US denies Iran gave heads-up before strike as Israel weighs hitting back

US President Joe Biden urged Israel to use caution in any response to Iran’s attack and telling Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu that the United States will not join an offensive counter-strike on Tehran should Israel choose to go down that road.

Source: ANI

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