UK university confuses Sikhs with Muslims after 'langar' event

The University of Birmingham staff have been branded "ignorant" after confusing Sikhs and Muslims in an Instagram post. The university incorrectly claimed that a 'langar' event hosted by its Sikh students was part of 'Discover Islam Week'.
UK university confuses Sikhs with Muslims after 'langar' event
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The Sikh community in the UK slammed the University of Birmingham for confusing the community with Muslims in a social media post. Members of the Sikh community expressed their disappointment and said, "these mistakes should not happen in 2024".

The University deleted the post and issued an apology for mistakenly stating that a recent 'langar' (community meal) event organised by its Sikh students was associated with an Islamic awareness week, according to The Birmingham Mail on Monday.

The mix-up occurred when a Birmingham staff member managing the university's Instagram account tagged and wrongly labelled the 20-year-old Sikh event as part of "Discover Islam Week".


The event in question was a 'langar' held on campus hosted by the Sikh Society. The langar has been held on the university campus for the last 20 years.

Similar events are now hosted by over 15 universities across the UK, where students offer free vegetarian food on campus.

Jasveer Singh, Sikh Press Association senior press officer, said: "It is disappointing but very revealing to see those in charge of the public image of the University of Birmingham (UOB) are ignorant regarding the communities at the university", reported the Birmingham Mail.

Singh mentioned that Birmingham University teaches principles of Sikhism, employs lecturers from the Sikh community, and frequently organises Sikh events.

"It is disappointing... There is clearly an issue with the training and education given to the staff," Jasveer Singh, a member of Sikh Press Association, told the newspaper.


Following the backlash, the university promptly deleted the post and apologised.

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UK university confuses Sikhs with Muslims after 'langar' event

"The university respects and celebrates the diversity of our community and continually works to provide a welcoming and inclusive environment. We have made contact with relevant individuals and groups to apologise directly and listen to their views," the Brimingham University spokesperson added.

Source: India Today

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