Saudi Arabia is in news for doing the normal

Saudi Arabia is set to open its first alcohol store for non-Muslims. Sometime back, it conducted an EDM show, allowed women to drive and screened 'Black Panther' in a theatre. All normal things for dozens of countries, but it's in the news for all these.
Saudi Arabia is in news for doing the normal
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The media loves a good contrast story. When a country known for its conservatism starts making changes, it's bound to grab headlines. This can be both positive and negative, but it's undeniable that Saudi Arabia is getting a lot of attention right now.

Saudi Arabia, the largest country in the Arabian Peninsula, has a long history of strict social and religious control.

Saudi Arabia has allowed women to drive cars, is holding mixed gender events, opening cinemas and conducting Electronic Dance Music (EDM) shows.

These are all normal things for people of the world. But Saudi Arabia -- a conservative Islamic country -- is exactly in the news for doing these normal things.

The country, which is known for strict alcohol prohibitions, has recently agreed to allow non-Muslim diplomats to purchase alcohol.

Allowing women to drive, music in public and alcohol -- these were all previously unimaginable.


Saudi Arabia abolished its cinema ban in 2018, and 'Black Panther' marked the historic return of film to the kingdom. Riyadh intends to open more than 300 cinemas by 2030, delivering the joy of the big screen to its citizens.

Prince Mohammed has loosened limitations on women’s rights, allowing them to drive, go to athletic events and concerts with men, and apply for passports without the consent of a male guardian, reflecting the ambitions of Saudi Arabia’s young population


Foreign visitors are now welcome to see a changed Saudi Arabia.

In 2019, Saudi Arabia welcomed tourists, broadening its economic base beyond oil exports. The "white oil" initiative, a daring step, marks a break from the practice of only issuing visas to foreign workers and pilgrims.

To invite visitors to discover its rich cultural legacy, the kingdom plans to turn 50 islands and locations in the Red Sea into luxurious resorts.


The kingdom is adopting social patterns common to scores of other countries, such as going to football games together and sitting on beaches unrestricted by strict dress codes. Gender inclusion in the workplace is also ushering.

With Vision 2030, Saudi Arabia's youthful leader, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, is leading the country towards economic diversification. The strategy is centered on growing the domestic market, which is similar to the traditional approaches used in other economies. It seeks to build a service-based economy, reduce dependence on oil, and modernise the government.


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Saudi Arabia is in news for doing the normal

Saudi Arabia, once a symbol of tradition, is rewriting its history. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, with his progressive outlook, is quickly entering the world and opening doors for its citizens and other nations so that it can keep pace with other nations.

Source: India Today

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