Iran informed Pak prior to strikes, but didn't say news would go public

Iran apparently gave prior notice to the Pakistani military about its missile strike on January 16 but did not inform Islamabad about making it public, an Iranian local media report has claimed.
Iran informed Pak prior to strikes, but didn't say news would go public
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The Pakistani military had been given prior notice about the January 16 missile strike by Iran, a Iranian local media report has stated.

According to a 'well-informed Iranian source', Tehran did not communicate to Islamabad that it "would make it public."

"They could have made the hit and not publicised it," the source told local media.

According to the report, a Telegram channel seen as close to Iran's elite Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), on January 18 wrote, "The attack on terrorist positions in Pakistan required coordination with the Pakistani government, which took place this week."

It added, "Today's attack by Pakistan is also in line with the agreement that took shape, and a result of the determination of the two countries to deal with border terrorism and in the direction of establishing sustainable security on the frontier."

The report also stated that some Iranian journalists suggested Hassan Kazemi-Qomi, the Iranian presidential envoy to Afghanistan's latest visit to Pakistan may have aimed to inform Islamabad of an impending Iranian attack beforehand.

Meanwhile, the reports could not be individually verified.

However, while Iran and Pakistan have a history of rocky relations, both sides have already signalled a desire to cool tensions.

While Iran said Thursday's strikes killed nine people in a border village on its territory, including four children. Pakistan said the Iranian attack on Tuesday killed two children.

Islamabad said it hit bases of the separatist Baloch Liberation Front and Baloch Liberation Army, while Tehran said its drones and missiles struck militants from the Jaish al Adl (JAA) group.

The groups operate in an area that includes Pakistan's southwestern province of Balochistan and Iran's southeastern Sistan-Baluchestan province. Both are restive, mineral-rich and largely underdeveloped.

Iran's top security body, in meetings on Thursday headed by President Ebrahim Raisi, was told that 'militants had been preparing a "major operation" and the Iranian strikes on Tuesday were pre-emptive', state media reported on Friday.

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Iran informed Pak prior to strikes, but didn't say news would go public

Separately, Iranian media reports said security forces clashed with Islamic State militants in the southeast, killing two, capturing several others and seizing explosives and weapons.

Source: India Today

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