Indian-American woman threatens to 'kill' US mayor over Gaza ceasefire, arrested

An Indian-American woman threatened to "kill" Bakersfield mayor and city council members during a hearing on the passing of a resolution to stop the Israeli offensive in Gaza. She was arrested after her speech and charged with 16 felony counts.
Indian-American woman threatens to 'kill' US mayor over Gaza ceasefire, arrested
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An Indian-American anti-Israel protester was arrested and charged after she threatened to "kill" a mayor and city council members during a local council hearing in California's Bakersfield. Riddhi Patel (28), expressed her frustration at the council members for not backing a ceasefire resolution against Israel in Gaza and for tight security measures outside government buildings due to the anti-Israel protests in the US.

Patel, who faces 16 felony counts, also cited Mahatma Gandhi during her speech and said that "Jesus Christ would have probably" killed all council members for not backing the resolution. A video of her remarks has gone viral on social media.

She also lashed out at the enhanced security measures at government buildings across the US following police crackdown on anti-Israel protests.

"Patel added, "And I hope one day, somebody brings the guillotine and kills all of you m***********."

"In the last five years I’ve attended city council meetings there’s never been metal detectors, there’s never been more cops. The only reason you’re doing it is because people actually don’t care if you guys don’t like them and they’re actually resisting so you want to criminalise them," she further said.

"Ms Patel, that was a threat, what you said at the end. And so the officers are going to escort you out and take care of that," she said.

"The comments of Riddhi Patel were shocking. They in no way represent those of us who continue to come to city council to demand a ceasefire and an end to the genocide (in Gaza). I ask that this does not distract anyone from our mission to end the genocide. Ceasefire now," said Jenny Huh, a protester.

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Indian-American woman threatens to 'kill' US mayor over Gaza ceasefire, arrested

Several countries, including the US, and international organisations are pressing on Israel for a ceasefire in Gaza after the six-month-old war, triggered due to a sudden Hamas attack on Israel on October 7 last year, has claimed more than 33,000 lives.

Source: India Today

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