'India has done everything asked for till now': US envoy on Pannun murder plot

Referring to the alleged murder plot of Khalistani terrorist Gurpatwant Singh, US envoy Eric Garcetti praised the Indian government for doing "everything" that has been asked for, while asserting that no nation or government employee should be involved in the assassination of a foreign national.
'India has done everything asked for till now': US envoy on Pannun murder plot
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US Ambassador to India Eric Garcetti said that India and America are working jointly to probe the allegations of an attempt to kill Khalistani terrorist Gurpatwant Singh Pannun on US soil. He also praised the Indian government for doing "everything that's been asked for".

"I think, strongly, but so far, everything that's been asked of the Indian government has been done. And I would say vice versa. Whenever there are accusations (from) the other direction, we take that incredibly seriously," Eric Garcetti said in an exclusive interview with news agency ANI.

Referring to the Pannun murder plot, Garcetti said that a "red line" should not be crossed and "no country" or "no government employee" should be involved in the assassination of a foreign national.

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'India has done everything asked for till now': US envoy on Pannun murder plot

"For any of us, just abstractly, there has to be a red line. No government or government employee can be involved in the assassination attempt of one of your own citizens. This is just an unacceptable red line...," he said in a podcast.

Pannun has been designated a terrorist by India for financing violence and fanning Khalistani sentiments.

The US envoy also appreciated India setting up a commission to look into the Pannun murder plot.

"I was very pleased that India put together this commission of inquiry, put senior people who are experienced in law enforcement on that, and that they have been digging in on this side domestically to uncover any evidence that would show a murder for hire plot that included anybody who was from the Indian government," Eric Garcetti said.

He further stated that the US would have taken similar steps if there was an "American plot" or an attempt to assassinate a citizen of any other country.

"... (The) same thing would happen if there was an American plot against some sort of or an American government person who was trying to assassinate somebody in another country. That would be an unacceptable red line for any nation," Garcetti said.

He also rejected the claims that such instances may affect the deepening of bilateral relations between India and the US.

In the podcast, the US Ambassador to India also talked about India's concerns about rising Khaklistani activities in America.

Eric Garcetti rejected the claims that the US is "tone-deaf" on the issue and added that the country is aware of the history of the Khalistani issue in India.

He further stated that authorities in the US are working closely with Indian agencies "on people who happen to be part of criminal networks".

"We are working (together) on deportations, on extraditions rather, together now. We are coordinating cases in a way we never did. If there wasn't trust, how could we do that? It's deep trust...," he said.

Source: India Today

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