In new video shared by Israel, Hamas tells woman hostage 'you're so beautiful'

The distressing video shows five women who were allegedly abducted by Hamas terrorists in the October 7 attack last year.
In new video shared by Israel, Hamas tells woman hostage 'you're so beautiful'
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Israel has shared a graphic footage of kidnapping of seven female Israeli soldiers by Hamas terrorists during the October 7 attack. The video was released by the Hostages Families Forum.

“They have been held hostage by Hamas terrorists for more than 230 days (8 months). Think of what that means for these young women,” the X account of Israel said as it shared the over 3-minuted long video.

The five female soldiers were allegedly abducted from the Nahal Oz base. The harrowing footage, captured by body cameras worn by the attackers, reveals the kidnappings of Liri Albag, Karina Ariev, Agam Berger, Daniella Gilboa, and Naama Levy, as per a report by the Times of Israel.

In the video, five women, some still in their pyjamas, are seen lined up against a wall by the Hamas terrorists. Their hands are tied and some have blood on their faces.

One of the terrorists is seen pointing at the women and saying: "Here are the girls, women, who can get pregnant. These are the Zionists."

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In new video shared by Israel, Hamas tells woman hostage 'you're so beautiful'

"You are so beautiful," he is heard telling one of the hostages.

The video shows the women being made to sit down on the floor. One of the hostages is heard telling the terrorists: “I have friends in Palestine”.

'Our brothers died because of you, we will shoot you all,' the Hamas terrorists are heard saying.

The video further shows the women being loaded into a jeep one by one.

The Hostages Families Forum released the video with hopes of urging the Israeli government to resume negotiations immediately.

Relatives of the five soldiers note that the publicly broadcast three-minute clip is a heavily censored version of the original 13-minute footage, as per the Times of Israel.

“The disturbing video has been the reality of Agam, Daniella, Liri, Naama, Karina, and 123 other hostages for 229 days. The video is a damning testament to the nation’s failure to bring home the hostages, who have been forsaken for 229 days. The Israeli government must not waste even one more moment – it must return to the negotiating table today!” the forum said in a statement.

Eli Albag, Liri’s father, told a local media outlet that the original footage is 13 minutes long.

“This is the most sensitive version... and still terribly harsh. We are exposing ourselves and our daughters. We went back and forth over and over about whether to release it. Three of the mothers have not seen the footage, are not prepared to see the footage, cannot bear to see the girls [in the footage].”

Source: India Today

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