This Bihar Rapper Challenges Superficiality and Advocates for Self-Empowerment in New Single 'Degrade'; Know The Story Behind

In an exclusive conversation, Arinar Black, 27, shares his personal growth, battles against toxic influences and embracing authenticity. Listen to his thought-provoking rap on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and YouTube.
This Bihar Rapper Challenges Superficiality and Advocates for Self-Empowerment in New Single 'Degrade'; Know The Story Behind
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Bihar-based rapper and songwriter Arinar Black has released his single 'Degrade' on all the major streaming platforms on Thursday, fourth single since his 2020 debut 'Freewill'.

In an exclusive conversation with Jaano Juction, Harsh Raj, who goes by the stage name Arinar Black, talking about his latest release said, "the track challenges the status quo, dissecting the superficiality that often clouds the genuine essence of creative expression and personal growth."

Born and brought up in Patna (Bihar), Harsh was introduced to rap genre back in school at the age of 15. He acquired his stage name as Arinar Black, inspired by famous American rapper Eminem.

Through his artistry, he seeks to illuminate the beauty found within the depths of our collective humanity, inviting listeners to journey alongside him as he navigates the ever-changing landscapes of life and its struggles.

"Degrade is an anthem of resilience, pushing back against the weight of others' opinions and rising to the forefront of self-empowerment", he further added.

The song delves deeper into the artist's metamorphosis, exploring the battles against toxic influences and societal norms.

The lyrics echo a call to individuality, boldly proclaiming an identity that defies conformity. The race against ego and the unwavering commitment to authenticity become the pillars of this sonic odyssey.

The audience is invited to navigate the labyrinth of introspection, through the highs and lows, while finding solace in the unapologetic spirit of the artist. With each note, the song becomes an anthem for dreamers, rebels, and those who dare to carve their paths in the pursuit of unfiltered self-expression.

Arinar Black challenges superficiality and negativity in his song "Degrade," advocating for individuality and self-empowerment. The song explores his personal growth and battles against toxic influences, inviting listeners to embrace authenticity and pursue unfiltered self-expression.

In the song, the artist talks about how it's important to be true to yourself and not let others bring you down. They believe in being authentic and standing up for what you believe in. The song is like a journey where listeners can think about their own lives and feel inspired to be themselves, even if it's not what others expect.

The song is out on Thursday on all the major streaming platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and YouTube.

Listen to this thought provoking rap 'Degrade' by Arinar Black here:

The song also features Patna-based guitarist-producer Aditya Prakash on the production and Mumbai-based sound engineer Saral Chauhan on post-production, accompanied by the assistance of Aphin Joseph (Sleepy Skull) to grace the song with the wonderful artwork.

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