Here's how Twitter reacts to Nolan's Oppenheimer After Release

Christopher Nolan's highly anticipated film, Oppenheimer, is out in theatres!
Here's how Twitter reacts to Nolan's Oppenheimer After Release

Oppenheimer, directed by Christopher Nolan, is the hottest topic and watch among the cinema lovers around the world. The movie is based on the story of J. Robert. Oppenheimer, (played by Cillian Murphy), often credited as the father of the Atomic Bomb.

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Here's how Twitter reacts to Nolan's Oppenheimer After Release

The movie revolves around his life story and struggles with the System and his own-self and how did he fight with all such situations in his life. It has perfect bend of Science and Real-life emotions. The movie has shown on a very large scale and has been able to catch the attention of the people around the world.

The Pre-Release hype of the film

The film got such a hype even before the release that, the tickets of the movie during the pre-bookings started getting booked in such amount that, the cinema chains and other multiplexes have to schedule shows of the movie as early as, 3 AM in the morning.

The hype made this movie, the first-ever to get such an enormous pre-release response.

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Here's how Twitter reacts to Nolan's Oppenheimer After Release

The IMAX connection of the Movie

The Movie also has an IMAX connection where in an interview the director of the film Christopher Nolan said about the IMAX cameras that “The sharpness and the clarity and the depth of the image is unparalleled”.

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Here's how Twitter reacts to Nolan's Oppenheimer After Release

How is the Movie?

The Movie seems have got an enormous amount of positive reviews from the audiences, the reviewers and the Cinema chains as well. This can be said as INOX cinemas reviewed the movie as :- “Chris creates a serene atmosphere, making even the grandest scale feel intimate. It's all about the connection and executing with grace. A truly extraordinary encounter.”

According to the fans, the public review of the movie can be divided into the ratio of  90:10 where , 90% of the audience has been able to see Oppenheimer as one of the greatest Cinematic Experience ever and for 10% people, the story of the movie was not the way, what Nolan films actually used to be.

The film has been trending on twitter ever since its release.

A user tweeted their view about the movie as: “ONE WORD : SPECTACULAR

Another viewer shared his views about the movie on twitter by saying that “Probably the least confusing and the most dramatic movie of Nolan”.

The Hindu Cinema has described the film as “ Armed with a haunting Cillian Murphy in tow, #ChristopherNolan  gives us his most personal and political film yet that, is fascinating as it is flawed”

Whereas, TIME described the movie as Okay-Okay type where it has said that “Either despite its intense craft or because of it, Christopher Nolan's 3-hour movie about the architect of the atomic bomb works”.

What are the expectations from the movie?

Oppenheimer is expected to earn more than Rs. 40-50 cr. In the coming weekend, Also it is expected to cross around Rs. 200 cr. In the Indian film market. As on Friday the film saw a slow start in some parts of western India, but in the coming weekend it is expected that more and more people will go to the Cinemas to witness something which is said to be Futuristic Cinema or the cinema of the Future.

The Bhagavad Gita Quote

In the movie there is a scene which refers to recitation of verses from Bhagavad Gita. This has got a mix reaction from the audience where some people are not looking happy with that scene. Now, time will only tell whether that scene is going to affect the earnings of the movie or not.

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