"Beginning of an End': Cringe Pop Sensation Taher Shah Announces Hollywood Film 'Eye To Eye', Turns Actor And Writer

Pakistani singer Taher Shah has now announced his new Hollywood project titled Eye to Eye. He has written the film and will also play the lead role.
"Beginning of an End': Cringe Pop Sensation Taher Shah Announces Hollywood Film 'Eye To Eye', Turns Actor And Writer
Graphic by Shatakshi Sarvesh / Jaano Junction

Taher Shah, a Pakistani singer, songwriter, and actor, has captivated the attention of music enthusiasts around the world, albeit in a rather unconventional way. Through his distinct music videos, often described as ‘cringe,’ Shah has gained international recognition and become an internet sensation. In 2013, his music video ‘Eye to Eye’ propelled him to fame, and despite its unconventional lyrics and low-budget visuals, it garnered both praise and ridicule. Shah continued to release videos like ‘Angel’, further solidifying his unique style. And guess what? He’s coming back! Yes, the ‘Cringe Pop Star’ made a comeback announcement on social media, sending his ‘fans’ into a complete frenzy!

“The beginning of a new era of Taher Shah… Project update… 10-06-2023… Management team," read the caption on his official Twitter handle on June 3, alongside a pic highlighting all his popular work till date.

Soon after his tweet, Netizens couldn’t help but share their reactions, displaying a mix of enthusiasm and humour. “Feeling terrified after this news inn," commented one.

Another fan quipped, “The beginning of an end," perhaps expressing a hint of skepticism or curiosity about what lies ahead.

Reflecting on the song that catapulted him into the limelight, he shared, “I wrote the lyrics with the vision to loved ones especially to express and convey the feelings of one marvellous love to each other with Eye to Eye because I sincerely believe in (power of) eyes (to depict) true love."

In 2016, Shah dropped another iconic song, ‘Angel,’ which quickly gained fame locally. Continuing his musical journey, the singer released another heartfelt song called ‘Humanity Love’ in the same year. The year 2020 marked the release of his latest creation, ‘Farishta.’ Since then, his musical presence has been relatively quiet, leaving ‘fans’ awaiting his next move, which is now anticipated on June 10th.

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