Zomato Withdraws Rs 1.6 Cr Placement Offer At IIT Delhi, Netizens Call It ‘Cheap Marketing’

Zomato Withdraws Rs 1.6 Cr Placement Offer at IIT Delhi, Sparks Controversy and Backlash | Read the Viral Story
Zomato Withdraws Rs 1.6 Cr Placement Offer At IIT Delhi, Netizens Call It ‘Cheap Marketing’

Zomato, renowned for its quirky marketing antics both in the digital realm and beyond, has once again thrust itself into the spotlight for a tale that seems straight out of the ‘corporate drama’ playbook. As asserted by a research intern at IIT Delhi, Zomato purportedly extended a staggering offer of Rs. 1.6 crore during campus placements, only to retract it later. shared a screenshot of his college’s notice on the micro-blogging site ‘X,’ notifying students that certain companies, including Zomato for the position of ‘Algorithms Manager,’ would no longer be participating in the placement process.

Talwar captioned the snapshot, “Zomato came to the campus, offered 1.6 cr salary, got the hype, and left,” causing a stir on the internet.

This is the Viral post:

One user commented, “1.6 crore package or 1.6 crore salary cause salary is a bit insane,” while another, in disbelief, wondered if it was a typo, asking, “Wasn’t it supposed to be 16L and it got mistyped as 1.6 cr bruh.”

Amidst the confusion, those who perceived it as Zomato’s masterstroke in the realm of marketing banter had their own narratives. “Zomato got bored of trolling just on notifications,” quipped one observer. “That was actually the gameplan – of creating hype,” chuckled another.

However, not everyone was in on the laughter. Some slammed Zomato, labelling it a ‘low move.’ “If zomato did this as a marketing stunt, they should be ashamed of themselves” commented one critic. Another chimed in with, “If it was actually a marketing hack, low move even by Zomatos desperate standards. I actually defended that ctc infront of my colleagues I know this is being thrown on my face tomorrow at work.”

While we couldn’t independently verify the authenticity of the claim, the original poster stood by their ground in the comment section of the now-viral post that has amassed over 200K views on the site.

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