Over 3 lakh skip UP board exams held amid strict anti-cheating measures
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Over 3 lakh skip UP board exams held amid strict anti-cheating measures

Impact of strictness on cheating in UP Board exams: More than 3 lakh students skipped the exam. Check details here.

The UP Board's high school and intermediate exams began with unprecedented strictness to curb cheating, leading to over 3 lakh students skipping the exams on the first day. Measures included the introduction of ID cards with barcodes for room inspectors, intensified monitoring with CCTV cameras and police surveillance, and online monitoring of examination centres at various levels.

The first day saw a substantial number of absentees, totalling 3,33,541 candidates across both shifts. Five cheating incidents were reported, with subsequent actions taken against the offenders, including fake candidates and a centre administrator.

The unprecedented use of ID cards with barcodes for teachers aimed at thwarting fake room inspectors.

Furthermore, strict supervision was observed in sensitive examination centres, supported by the deployment of CCTV cameras with voice recorders.

The UP Police's intensified presence in sensitive and highly sensitive examination centres further underscored the commitment to ensuring exam integrity.

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Over 3 lakh skip UP board exams held amid strict anti-cheating measures

The integration of online intensive monitoring at various administrative levels, including strong rooms and examination centres, marked a significant stride towards enhancing question paper security.

Command and control rooms were established in key administrative offices, including the Directorate of Education in Lucknow and the Secondary Education Council Headquarters in Prayagraj, alongside regional centres.

Additionally, district-level control rooms were instituted to bolster monitoring efforts across the state.

Source: India Today

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