Har Maa Ka Sapna: FDDI's Emotional Video Urges Parents to Support Kids' Dreams

Watch as a mother realizes her son's true passion amidst conflicting career aspirations. Embrace the emotional journey of supporting offbeat career choices.

Footwear Design & Development Institute (FDDI) has recently launched their campaign 'Har Maa Ka Sapna'.

In this campaign, they have launched a promotional film that talks about the need for parents to understand the aspiring dreams of their kids and support them in their offbeat career choices.

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Har Maa Ka Sapna: FDDI's Emotional Video Urges Parents to Support Kids' Dreams

As per the plot, a lady, seemingly a doctor, comes home late at night after work. She sneaks into her son's room only to find him sleeping on his desk while studying. As she enters into the room, a beautiful narration begins that tells us about how she cares about the future of his son who she wants to follow the path of her profession.

Her son, on the other hand, loves fashion designing but respect his mother's dreams about him and is willing to pursue medical.

Then a series of incidents happen where it occurs to the mother about the true-calling of her son. The video ends on an emotional note with the message "bachhe apne sapne pure kar sake, yahi to har maa ka sapna hota hai" (every mother's dream is to see their kids fulfilling their own dreams), with FDDI coming in the picture highlighting their values and mission of "Empowering Dreams, Empowering Passion".

The film was conceptualised and directed by Jaano Junction Media's CEO and Creative Director, Kshitij Choudhary, and produced by Jaano Junction Media.

Managing Director of FDDI, Col. Pankaj Kumar Sinha, launched the video during the first Founders Day event at FDDI Noida campus on 14th January, 2024. The film was well received and applauded by the audience and on the Internet.

Established in 1986 under the aegis of Ministry of Commerce & Industry (Govt. of India), Footwear Design & Development Institute (FDDI) is a premier academic and training institution dedicated to the development and growth of the Footwear & Product, Leather Products, Retail and Fashion Merchandise and Fashion Design sectors. FDDI has pan-India presence with 12 state-of art campuses spread across the country.

FDDI has been granted the status of “An Institution of National Importance” under the FDDI Act 2017, because of its continuous contribution towards nation building.

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