Story & future of Energy

Without energy there is no universe. "If you want to find the secrets of this universe, think in terms of Energy." – Nikola Tesla
Story & future of Energy

The entire universe is based around the concept of space, time and energy. My topic of discussion in this article would be energy.

Without energy there is no universe, not even considering its elements (including us!). We all get up for work after saving some bit of energy from our sleep, eat our breakfast for gaining some bit of energy, leave for work by using energy in our muscles, think about what to do by using electrical energy in our brains, and the list goes on and on for the whole day till we come back to sleep again to gain that energy lost throughout the day, and for our entire lives this process continues till we die and fundamentally what happens is that we stop converting energy into a form usable for us and this exchange from the environment stops. This is the point where we actually die (active exchange from cell stops and ATP is not produced and that entire thing if you are a Biology student).

So, this whole story was to explain that we continue without energy and so this makes ENERGY DEPLETION a major issue and ENERGY CONSERVATION a very important idea which we are going to talk about in a different way.

Most of us know that Energy can neither be created nor be destroyed from some of our Physics lessons in Thermodynamics. This has been proven true and so it is our 1st law of thermodynamics. So how do we produce energy by eating food or lose it by exercising. The answer is that the amount of energy in this universe remains constant and we only as a 'BIOLOGICAL MACHINE' CONVERT THIS INTO DIFFERENT FORMS FOR OUR USE.

In case of plants, digestion converts the light energy stored in vegetables from the Sun into internal energy or muscular energy of our body (same goes true for other kinds of food basically). We only convert this muscular energy further into heat energy by exercising and release it into ambient surroundings.

The key is to understand why we need to conserve energy then, if it's anyway constant? Actually, we are running out of resources that convert the energy we use in everyday life, apart from our body, to a usable form. These resources include the conventionally used coal and petroleum which are the basis for all growth and development. We are already looking for better & more efficient sources, among which, solar energy has emerged as the current best for practical purposes.


All this search is going on for better & more efficient world as there is also a plethora of disadvantages in using these resources like pollution, leakage, shortage to name a few.

If you want to find the secrets of this universe, think in terms of ENERGY.       
Nikola Tesla
Bhaskara wheel
Bhaskara wheel

What we as young people are interested in are solutions which are even better. That is why I implore you all to look for better sources that make the world a better place to live in and all our growth and development continues fluently without damaging our environment and in absolute harmony with nature. Use your energy wisely and in the right direction…

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