How to know if you are a User or an Abuser of Social Media?

Almost 57% of World population is on social media. So how do you if you're a 'user' or an 'abuser' of this tech? Read on!
How to know if you are a User or an Abuser of Social Media?

In today’s world with advanced technology humans have various devices which can perform such a diverse range of activities that were almost impossible half a century ago. We stepped on the moon in 1969, developed the Internet in 1983 and are ongoing research for advance artificial intelligence systems. But above all the recent development of social media has changed the world in more ways than you think of. It was introduced first in 1997 and now in 2021 we see about 4.5 billion people on social media platforms of which mostly are people in their young adult stage, who have started tweeting like a canary in a bird cage.

Firstly, social media are online platforms or websites that enable users to create and share their content where others can view and react on it. This content can include anything like videos, messages, graphics etc. it can be of any type like educational, inspirational, entertaining and so on. These platforms like Twitter, Youtube or Facebook are an online medium where billions of people can interact with each other and share their feelings that is why it is called SOCIAL MEDIA. Nowadays it has almost become a necessity for some people in different age groups or profession or any other criteria.

Now, what caused this thing to be introduced and develop so rapidly? The answer is the spread of strong internet connectivity and devices which can be easily handled like mobile phones. These two factors combined lead to such a rapid growth in the involvement of more and more people on social media that in the last one year the usage is increased by 13% of the world’s total population and now almost 57% of every human being on this planet is on social media.

Almost 57% of World population is on social media.

High speed internet enabled users to stream much and more of any content and devices like mobile phones were very easy to handle and more portable than the computer systems of earlier days.

This shows that social media has numerous advantages and it has brought the world closer to us and people have support of others. The ones who hesitated to come forward have got a way to communicate with people and a stage where they can showcase their talents. Many friends and groups are formed every day and this also helps them to cope with any kind of crisis in their lives. This is the reason that it has gained so much popularity. It has enabled distant connectivity and made possible the archiving of different important records or messages that was not possible in those bygone days of space-consuming envelopes and letters. It has made communication unimaginably fast.

Today, a good idea in this world can travel and spread at the speed of light.

But if we analyze the causes and effects we can find that there have been multiple harms of social media. Above all there is a negative psychological effect that gets people in depression and even death in extreme cases. If somehow people lose their popularity or support on social media they tend to take harmful decisions for their lives. Many are subject to online harassments and defamation when the people are not subject to any restrictions. This, in one way, spoils the youth of the country and even wastes human resource. We should always make sure that this important facility is used only for the positive development and growth of people and not to spread negative elements like false news and misinformation among others. Not always, but many a times there are insecurities and a certain loss in privacy because people have put in a lot of information on multiple sites which normally they would not have conveyed to the closest of people in their lives.

Let us then be supporting and guiding everyone on the right way of utilizing technology of today’s world.

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